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You can change your reservation the latest 48 hours before your rental starts. To do so, please email us at the address given in the reservation confirmation or simply give us a call.
You can cancel your reservation the latest 48 hours before your rental starts. If you wish to cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before your rental starts you will be obliged to pay the first day of the rental.
One rental day is based on 24 consecutive hours. If you return your car after the agreed deadline you will be obliged to pay for the additional day.
You can use the vehicle outside Montenegro only in agreement with MERIDIAN Rent-a-Car. Extra fee is charged.
Yes. Please indicate which airport and your flight number in your reservation and we will be there to wait for you.
MERIDIAN Rent-a-Car has offices in the main hall of both airports. Please come to our airport office and you will be attended by one of our agents.
MERIDIAN Rent-a-Car guarantees that we will be at our airport stand even if the flight is delayed if you have provided us with the right flight number.
Yes. However, please make sure to indicate the name of the other person when you pick up the car. This is important because of the insurance and in case police stops you. Extra fee is charged.
Please stay calm and immediately dial traffic police at 122. Make sure to request a report on the investigation of the accident from the authorities that you will need for the insurance. Please inform us as soon as possible about your health condition, possible damages of the car and detailed description of how and where the accident occurred so that we can send help immediately. If you are not responsible for the accident you will not handle any costs and we will provide you with another vehicle at our shortest convenience.
You pay for your rental during the pick up and contract signing unless you booked your vehicle at a special offer.
No, this service is not available anymore.
Yes, if you inform us prior to your drop off and at additional cost.

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